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Farm Animal Nutrition Biosecurity
Farm Biosecurity Animal Health Product
Farm Biosecurity Animal Health Product
Farm Biosecurity Animal Health Product
Farm Biosecurity Animal Health Product
Farm Biosecurity Animal Health Product
Farm Biosecurity Animal Health Product
Farm Biosecurity Animal Health Product
Farm Biosecurity Animal Health Product
Farm Biosecurity Animal Health Product
Farm Biosecurity Animal Health Product






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The Ideal Solutions for African Swine Fever Malaysia

African Swine Fever Malaysia ASF has been a growing concern globally as it has rapidly spread throughout China and other countries, resulting in significant economic losses to the swine industry and threatening food supplies.

Efforts to prevent and control the spread of ASF include measures such as restricting the import of live animals, meat from affected regions, as well as implementing biosecurity measures in pig farms.

Sunzen Corporation is a palm-based monolaurin Malaysia manufacturer. Our products comply with international standards for sustainability, quality, and safety. We are also involved in biotechnology research and development and the distribution and marketing of animal health products. 

How to Find an Animal Health Product Manufacturer Malaysia Company?

Sunzen Corporation, which is an antibiotic free alternative Malaysia organization, is a professional animal health product manufacturer Malaysia company. We manufacture and market a wide range of products for both livestock and companion animals. The recommended livestock include livestock anti-pyrexic, livestock disinfected Malaysia, and livestock water biosecurity.

Sunzen Corporation also has a global network of partners and subsidiaries, including Sunzen Feedtech, Sunzen LifeSciences, and Sunzen Biotech Berhad, listed on the Malaysian stock exchange.

Livestock anti-pyrexic production is an important sector of the Malaysian economy, with a diverse range of domestic livestock breeds. Livestock waste is also being used to develop biogas in Malaysia, with several biogas plants being developed on pig and dairy cattle farms.

Our products are made under anti-inflammation feed Malaysia production. They include powerful detergents and disinfectants, such as Shift, a foaming detergent for removing organic matter.

Ways to Improve Animal Gut Health Malaysia Issues

Gut health is an essential aspect of animal well-being, and there are various ways to improve animal gut health Malaysia issues.

1. Diet

The diet of animals is a crucial factor that affects gut health. Including fiber-rich superfoods and prebiotics in their diet can feed good bacteria in their digestive system, while antioxidants and phytonutrients can help them thrive.

2. Nutritional Interventions

Nutritional interventions such as medium chain triacylglycerols Malaysia and glycerol monolaurate Malaysia can also improve animal gut health. However, a clear scientific definition of gut health is still lacking, and a definition is needed to evaluate the effects of any nutritional intervention on animal health and performance.

3. Cleanse

Cleansing the animal’s system can be done by including prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes in their diet, which can help maintain the balance of gut bacteria.

Finding the Right Antiviral Feed Malaysia Company

Sunzen Biotech Berhad is a renowned feed mitigation Malaysia company. We engage in antiviral feed Malaysia production, manufacturing and marketing of animal feed supplement products, and stock ownership.

Our segments include animal health (AH) manufacturing, palm oil trading Malaysia, tomofat palm oil, herbal medicines, herbal food and beverages, bird’s nests (TCM), and credit financing.

Specializing in animal health and nutrition, our company manufactures and markets a wide range of related products for livestock and companion animals.

Why You Need a Quality Biosecurity Animal Production In Malaysia?

Set of Management and Physical measures have implemented ways to reduce the risk of biosecurity animal production Malaysia issues like animal diseases by:
  1. Avoiding disease agents from entering the area
  2. Controlling the disease agents from spreading to other areas
  For farm-to-farm movement of personnel and vehicles, the solutions are:
  1. Wheel dip and footwear disinfection station
  2. Vehicle and equipment cleaning and disinfections
  3. Quick disinfection
  4. Personal protective equipment

The Top Farm Animal Nutrition Malaysia Company

According to the Malaysian Food and Dietary Guidelines, a balanced diet for farm animals should include moderate amounts of fish, meat, poultry immunity Malaysia, eggs, legumes, and nuts.

Adequate amounts of milk and milk products should also be consumed. Intake of foods high in fats should be limited, and fats and oils in food preparation should be minimized.

Foods with less salt and sauces should be chosen and prepared, and foods and beverages low in sugar should be consumed. Additionally, animals need nutrients to maintain their health, and providing proper supplements with balanced nutrition is important for caring for livestock.

If you have inquiries regarding farm animal nutrition Malaysia, you may contact Sunzen Corporation.

The Best Farm Biosecurity Malaysia Measures

Farm biosecurity Malaysia measures are guidelines that aim to prevent and control the spread of diseases within the farm, among farms, and in the surrounding environment.

In Malaysia, biosecurity measures are crucial for the sustainable development of the aquaculture industry, particularly shrimp farming.

Some biosecurity measures implemented in Malaysian shrimp farms include using minimum water exchange, semi-biofloc, and biofloc technology. These measures aim to prevent crustacean carriers from entering the modules, eradicating crab larvae with chlorine or approved crustacide, crab fencing, and bird scare lines.

The Ultimate Feed Acidifier Malaysia Solutions

Feed acidifiers Malaysia is an organic acid added to animal feed for nutritional or preservative purposes.

They help control microbial growth, reduce feed buffer capacity, inhibit pathogenic bacteria, improve nutrient digestibility, and increase the absorption of minerals.

The use of orgacids feed sanitizer Malaysia in animal feed has become increasingly popular as a safer alternative to pure organic acids.

The acidifiers can manipulate the intestinal microbial populations and improve the immune response, similar to antibiotics in food animals, in countering pathogenic bacteria.

Is Feed Health Additives Malaysia Vital?

Feed health additives Malaysia are substances added to animal feed to provide additional nutrients and improve animal health.

Organic acids like orgacids feed sanitizer are commonly added to animal feed to promote gut health and improve animal performance, while probiotics and prebiotics can improve digestion and immune function.

Essential oils can improve feed intake and stimulate appetite, and enzymes can improve feed digestion.

Mold inhibitors and toxin binders are also used to prevent the growth of harmful mold and reduce the risk of mycotoxin contamination in feed.

Why Is Feed Hygiene Malaysia Getting Popular?

Feed hygiene Malaysia is an important aspect of animal nutrition in Malaysia. Organic acids are often part of a holistic feed hygiene program to inhibit microbial growth that can cause economic and animal performance losses.

Feed hygiene is crucial to prevent the transmission of hazards along the production chain and avoid diseases and lower performance in farm animals.

Microbiological evaluation of feed ingredients and finished feeds is necessary to fight enterobacteria in raw material, feedstuffs, and compound feed.