Formic 2.0 stb


formic 2.0 Farm Biosecurity Animal Health Product


A proven acid even stronger for drinking water acidification

Poor drinking water quality is often overlooked in livestock production and can lead to reduced livestock performance and overreliance on antibiotics by causing gut bacterial imbalances. Therefore, ensuring water quality that is suitable for consumption is an absolute key in livestock production.

Drinking water guidelines for animal production (Bohm, 2000)

Formic acid is able to interfere with the growth of pathogenic Gram-negative bacteria. Furthermore, it is the only EU-approved organic acid to be a “hygiene condition enhancer”. Both formic acid and sodium formate in Formic 2.0 stb help to reduce pressure to animal’s immune system, which also securing a low pH in the stomach that will improve protein digestibility.

Antimicrobial effect of formic acid against different bacterial pathogens (Strauss and Hayler, 2001) – Minimal Inhibition Concentration MIC in %

Using organic acids, such as formic acid as acidifier in drinking water rather than feed has advantages as below:

  • Acid application during feed withdrawal periods during pre-slaughter, when the animals have increased susceptibility to bacterial pathogens infection.
  • Organic acid may destroy or reduce vegetative pathogens in the water.
  • Can be used strategically or throughout rearing period to suppress bacterial infections.

Formic 2.0 stb contains both formic acid and sodium formate from the diformate reaction process, thus it is close to its crystallization point which is 12.7% higher than comparable blends of formic acid and its sodium salt. Therefore, its advantages are:

  • Higher stability in farm piping system – able to keep pH stable over a 24 hours period.
  • Higher stability in gut – can reach deeper into the GI-tract of animals due to the higher OD-value.
  • Highest stable quantity of formic acid and its sodium salt, more stable composition compared to normal blends.


Formic acid                         min. 51%

Sodium formate                min. 28%

Benefits of Formic 2.0 stb:

  • Reduce the total microbial load in the drinking water.
  • Reduce the total microbial load in the digestive tract off animals during stress period, especially during pre-slaughter feed withdrawal period.
  • Optimizes protein digestibility by securing low pH in stomach.
  • Improve water hygiene, and therefore livestock productive performance.

Route of Administration: Mix in drinking water

Inclusion rate:

Add 0.5 – 1L of Formic 2.0 stb per 1000L of drinking water, especially during pre-slaughter feed withdrawal period.

Withdrawal period: Nil

Packaging size: 5L, 25L

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