gpc8 5L Farm Biosecurity Animal Health Product

Patented Glutaraldehyde Disinfectant for your Livestock Biosecurity Solutions

GPC-8 is a powerful glutaraldehyde based disinfectant effective against broad spectrum of microorganisms. Its patented formula contains synergistic blend with Quaternary ammonium Compound in special ratio to give high performance. In order to offer the greatest killing power and protection against disease causing microorganisms, high level of surfactant is included in the formulation to enable the disinfectant to penetrate absorbent surfaces and heavy soiling.

GPC-8 is also able to foam at 1:200 dilution, thus it is able to provide visible inspection and maintain adequate surface contact time in farm environment, especially to reduce the like hood of disinfectant agent running off on the vertical surface after application.


Quaternary Ammonium Compound4%
Non-ionic surfactant8%
Phosphoric acid0.8%

Benefits of GPC-8

  • DEFRA Approved.
  • Powerful wetting and penetrating ability in heavily soiled conditions.
  • Highly effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • Active in the presence of organic matter.
  • Prolonged residual activity.
  • Not affected by hard water.

Recommended General Disinfectant usage:

  • Farm housing disinfections 1:200
  • Wheel and foot bath, Vehicle wash 1:200
  • Drinking water system 1:200

Packaging: 5L, 25L, 210L

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