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Organic acids have been used for decades in feed preservation, protecting feed from microbial and fungal contamination or to increase preservation effect of fermented feed. Inclusion of organic acids blends (OAB) in poultry and swine diet have shown improvement in animal production performance by increase nutrient digestibility without public health concern.

Orgacids is a light brown powder containing 6 acids that are evenly blended in a fine granular carrier with minimum 36% of total acids. The compound of formic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, and O-phosphoric acids consistently provides a stable and low pH, which allow a low usage rate to sanitizes the feed and prevent it from recontamination.

Orgacids has antibacterial activity against Gram negative enteric pathogen, but beneficial for Gram positive enteric flora such as Bacillus subtilis.

Inclusion of Orgacids in feed is able to control Salmonella within 48 hours, thus it sanitizes the feed and prevent it from recontamination.

Benefits of Orgacids:

  • Acidity regulators – adjust the pH of the feeding stuff
  • Control of pathogenic organisms in animal feed
  • Stabilizes gut microflora eubiosis
  • Improvement in weight gain and FCR

Route of Administration: Mix in feed

Inclusion rate:

SpeciesFeeding PhaseKg/MT
BroilerWhole cycle1.5
LayerWhole cycle1.5
DuckWhole cycle2

Withdrawal period: Nil

Packaging: 25kg

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