proteq 5kg


Compound Potassium Peroxymonosulphate Disinfectant Powder

ProteQ is a water soluble light red granular powder that provides pink color working solution for the safe and rapid disinfection of surface and equipment in farm condition. ProteQ offers a three-pronged action mode: Chlorination, Oxidation, and Acidization which is effective against a wide range of bacterial, viral, and fungal pathogens including African Swine Fever virus and Foot-and-Mouth Disease virus. This 3-in-1 action works rapidly to oxidize key structure and protein compounds of pathogen, hence caused irreversible damage to the DNA/RNA/cell wall and subsequently deactivate and destroy the microorganism.

Other than regular farm environment and equipment disinfection. Due to its low oral and dermal toxicity, no toxic vapor phase, and does not evolve chlorine during preparation, ProteQ is suitable for use as drinking water disinfection. For continuous drinking water system disinfection during outbreak period, 1:1000 dilution is recommended. Meanwhile, a dilution 1:100 to 200 for terminal disinfection for 10 minutes. 


Potassium peroxymonosulphate50-60%
Sodium chloride1.5-3%
Other ingredients37-48.5%
Equivalent to available chlorine>10%

Benefits of ProteQ

  • 3 pronged action mode: Chlorination, Oxidation, Acidization.
  • High efficiency against bacteria, virus, fungi, and spores.
  • Human use disinfectant formula.
  • Safe, not corrosive, low dermal & oral toxicity, can use for drinking water disinfection.
  • Diluted solutions are stable for 7 days.

Recommended Disinfection usage:

  • Egg shell disinfection 1:100.
  • Livestock housing and farm environment disinfection 1:200.
  • Equipment disinfection 1:100.
  • Mist/aerial spray with livestock 1:200.
  • Water system continuous disinfection 1:1000.

Packaging: 5kg

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