shift 25L farm biosecurity

Heavy Duty Power Detergent for your farm cleaning for a better Disinfection Efficacy

Disinfectants only disinfect but don’t clean. Therefore, soiling and organic matter must be removed before disinfection is carried out. The use of detergents makes cleaning very efficient and hence enhanced the killing efficacy of disinfection.

Shift is a powerful, heavy duty detergent cleaner formulated for cleaning floors, walls & ceilings if all types of livestock housing, fixed equipment and vehicles. It contains surface active agents for achieving maximum efficacy, ensuring speed and thoroughness in the removal of organic build up on all surfaces.

Foam cleaning is used intensively in the food processing industry for greater contact time and cleaning efficacy. Shift at 1:100 to 1:150 dilution can be used for foam cleaning with a high-pressure foaming lance, which reduce the risk of transmission of pathogens via contaminated aerosol formation by pressure washing. This method is very quick, reduce water consumption, and cost saving.


Non-ionic surfactant1-5%
Amphoteric surfactant1-5%
Sodium hydroxide0-1%

Benefits of Shift

  • Powerful, heavy duty detergent cleaner.
  • Deepest penetration of organic residues in farm environment.
  • Rapid removal of organic matter.
  • Not affected by hard water.
  • Quick, safe and suitable for all livestock housing.
  • Foam cleaning at 1:150.

Recommended General Cleaning usage:

  • Foam cleaning of livestock housing 1:150
  • General pressure washing of livestock housing and pen 1:250
  • General pressure washing of equipment and vehicles 1:500


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