Tomofat 300 Gold Functional Fat



Tomofat 300 Gold Functional Fat is emulsified fat beads created for swine nutrition. It is a fine, smooth flowing beads form that facilitate the feed mill operation process and enhance homogeneous distribution of fat in feed during mixing.

On top of providing energy sources for high productive and fast-growing animals, natural bioactive ingredients (Carotenoids, Vitamin E, phytosterols, squalene, and phosphatidates) are conserved during the manufacturing process. These bioactive ingredients collectively act as natural anti-oxidant and immune booster to enhance immune status, increase resistance against disease challenge, and improve overall health and production performance.

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), such as C8 (Caprylic acid), C10 (Capric acid), C12 (Lauric acid), and C14 (Myristic acid) are available in Tomofat 300 Gold functional fat. As compare with long chain fatty acids, MCTs directly absorbed into bloodstream of intestinal villi, hence bypass the routine fat absorption and transportation via lymphatic system. Therefore, MCTs act as immediate energy for piglets to improve their resistance against cold stress and enhance vitality.

Tomofat 300 Gold functional fat is micro-emulsified before chill spraying process, in order to maximize digestion and absorption efficacy in gastrointestinal tract. The field trial of Tomofat 300 Gold functional fat has observed improved sow colostrum quality and milk production, more pinkish and active piglets, and better Average Daily Gain in piglet and prestarter.

Benefits of Tomofat 300 Gold functional fat:

  • Improve sow colostrum quality and milk production.
  • More pinkish, active, and vital piglets.
  • Better Average Daily Gain in piglets, prestarter, and starter.
  • Improve overall farm production performance.

Inclusion Rate: in feed

Feeding PhaseKg/MT
Lactation20 – 30
Prestarter15 – 20

Withdrawal Period: Nil.

Packaging: 25kg

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